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Company Profile of Sugarsoft and Peter Jais

Peter Charles Jais, a South African sugar technologist and chemist, created Sugarsoft.

Peter Jais studied industrial Chemistry and Sugar Technology at the College of Advanced Technical education through the Sugar Milling Research institute (SMRI - University of Natal) in Durban, South Africa.

He worked at the Illovo sugar mill, in South Africa and the Mafambisse mill in Mozambique. He was contracted by the Dedini Company to work in Brasil in 1975, where he has resided ever since.

He worked in Dedini reaching the positions of technical export manager and engineering manager.

He played an important role in the “Pro – alcohol” project back in the early 1980’s, in which Brasil went from 90.000.000 tons of cane per year to around 300.000.000 tons in a few years, by altering local milling technology to South African technology as well as developing new technologies.

Peter Jais worked as industrial manager at the “Mont Alegre” sugar and ethanol mill in Brazil for 7 years.

He put up his own consulting company, and also designed and manufactured small (Farm) distilleries (39 in all) when the high oil prices permitted it in the 1980 crisis. When the prices fell from around US$ 50 to US$ 12, they were no longer feasible.

Sugarsoft is a project and consulting firm specialized in sugar and alcohol technology from sugar cane. Sugarsoft today, acts principally in the following areas:

·      Consultants in sugar technology

·      Plant trouble shooting

·      Projects of all equipment dedicated to the production of sugar, ethanol and related products.

·      Projects of complete plants (or parts of)

o   Raw and VHP sugar factories

o   Mill white sugar factories

o   Refined (granulated) sugar factories

o   Refined (amorphous) sugar factories

o   Ethanol distilleries (potable, hydrated and or anhydrous) autonomous or annexed

o   Co generation plants

o   Residual ash/fly ash water treatment

Sugarsoft produces software dedicated to the sugar industry. Many plants, equipment manufacturers and consultants use “Balance 40” which is a software that calculates the mass and energy balances of existing and or new projects, as well as determining the sizes of the principle equipment.

Sugarsoft works in conjunction with G. Rossi when agronomical services are needed. Dr. Guilherme Rossi is one of the leading cane variety specialists in the sugar industry worldwide. We have done projects together in Jamaica, Liberia, Nigeria and Australia.

Sugarsoft has done consulting, feasibility studies and projects in the following countries:













Dominican Republic








Office Phones

+55 19 34023399

+55 19 34324341

Mobile phone, Skype & Emails

+55 19 981848169



Postal address of Sugarsoft:

·      Sugarsoft Assessoria Empresarial Ltda.

·      Rua Voluntários de Piracicaba 812

·      Piracicaba S.P.

·      CEP 13400-290

·      Brasil

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