Autonomous Distillery


 Autonomous Distillery is a distillery that produces ethanol and electric energy directly from sugarcane.

 It is typical of the new tendency in energy production in Brazil.

It is comprised of the following points:

  • Mechanically harvested billeted cane (with trash)
  • Dry cleaning system to remove trash and dirt
  • Extraction by diffusion
  • No juice clarification
  • Evaporation by double effect
  • Fermentation with yeast propagation and recycling
  • Distillation to hydrous ethanol at +/- 96% v/v
  • Dehydration with molecular sieve to anhydrous ethanol in excess of 99% v/v
  • Production of high-pressure steam with all the bagasse and trash
  • Production of electric energy +/- 200 kW/ton cane,


 typical of the new tendency in energy production in Brazil. 

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